Winter Sommer

Our best ski or board service Hinterglemm

As important as the service on your car is the service on your ski! Not just to optimize the base and the edges but to guarantee your safety. With the latest technique, long-standing know-how and lots of experience we offer you the perfect preparation for your equipment.

At Intersport Breitfuss Rent you can find the latest and highest quality full automatic service machines from Wintersteiger for skis and snowboards.

werkzeugBefore the season starts to remove existing rust on the edges and to wax the dry base for a better gliding on all snow conditions.

werkzeugDuring the season depending on the snow conditions every 4-7 days to repair damage on the base, to sharpen and polish the edges and to grind a fine structure into the base.

werkzeugAfter the season to prepare your skis for the summer. To minimize the risk of rust and a dry base.

Professional Service € 35,00

Scrape out rough scuffs by hand and remove wax residue

High-quality covering material melting

Structural polish on covering

Covering edge grind while hanging

Grinding side edge (89°)

Deburring and polish edges

Grow and polish the covering

Express Service € 25,00

Structural polish on covering

Covering edge grind while hanging

Grinding side edge (89°)

Deburring edge and polishing

In our rental shop in Haidweg there is a unique service street.

service bild gruen

We offer all guests who bring their skis in the evening a perfect serviced ski in the morning. You can party and relax in the world’s best apres ski locations. Meanwhile we’ll prepare your skis for another unforgettable day in Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn.

boot fitting


Your ski boots shouldn't be able to spoil the party. We'll be pleased to help you out and fit your boot perfect so that your feet will never hurt again.

test buy

Test & buy

Test your equipment before you buy it and find your favorite ski.

early pickup

Early pickup

Get your equipment after 3 pm the day before your rental starts.

Safety first

Your safety is our top priority! The perfect adjustment of your binding is the most important thing to minimize the risk of an injury. Our brand new Wintersteiger Safetronic binding check machine guarantees the correct adjustment for every ski binding.

safety first

That's why our service is the #bestintown!

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